A listening experience powered by
machine learning and AI

Shuffle No More.

Re/ curates your own music library using machine learning and AI, dynamically creating smart playlists based on a myriad of factors. Unique sequences are played based on your listening behaviour and the listening behaviour of other (anonymous) users with similar taste, mood, among other things.

Discover music you didn't even remember you had

Like a cool jacket bought long ago, which you never wore before, Re/ brings up all the good stuff that you have stored deep down in your music library. Just launch & listen. Let the app do the work and surprise you.

The purest and simplest listening experience

Re/ takes away all the distraction and unnecessary elements that complicate your listening experience. Such level of simplicity is only possible with the aid of machine learning algorithms and some black magic.

Music Analytics

Re/ comes with a personal music analytics that gives you visual information and statistics of your music library, app learning progress and usage, top playing artists and songs, and more.

Perfect for running and exercising

If you spend lots of time choosing, skipping and searching for the perfect soundtrack when your exercise, Re/ is for you. No other music app will give you an always-evolving playlist for you to listen without skipping a song.

Meet the technology behind Re/

Designed by musicians and software engineers, MIETM is the proprietary Music Intelligence Engine technology behind Re/. It analyzes your music library, usage behaviour, and other factors in order to deliver a personal listening experience.