Music Intelligence

Re/ curates your local music library using machine learning and AI to dynamically create smart playlists based on a myriad of factors. Unique sequences are played every time you open the app, bringing personalised results and special suggestions according to: your current and past listening behaviour, listening behaviour of other (anonymous) users with similar musical taste, time, mood, and other variables analyzed by the app's proprietary algorithms - Read more

Smart lists

Surprising and unique playlists are curated by Re/ machine learning algorithms. The more music you play with Re/, the better its recommendations become.


You can also train the app and make the algorithms learn your favourite genres and music preferences. Even without moving a finger, the app works with what it has.

Made for you

The final word is always yours. Dislike specific songs and teach the app to make them less and less played next time you launch it.

Always learning

Re/ is constantly learning from your listening behaviour, even when you skip songs or adjust the volume. Just launch the app and let it play.