Meet MIE (ミエ) — The proprietary Music Intelligence Engine behind Re/.
Developed by musicians and technologists, MIE is a group of machine learning and A.I. algorithms responsible for delivering the best and most personal listening experience every time you launch the app.

MIE analyzes and takes in consideration a variety of data, such as: your listening behaviour (when you skip or play songs until completion, lower or raise the volume), your music library data, time, weather, and anonymous analytics information from other users with similar musical taste.

As result, unique sequences are played every time you open the app. The more use Re/ to play music, the better and more accurate the algorithms become. In the same way, the more music you have in your library, the more surprising and more personal results you will see and listen.

MIE is the result of thousands of hours of music listening, programming and code tuning. Such type of technology cannot be simply programmed without human feedback or without taking in consideration users' emotions. MIE algorithms are constantly updated and improved based on intensive listening to different kinds of music genres and anonymous analytics.