Here you can find useful questions and answers about the app and possible issues related to usage or installation. Please read carefully to understand more about Re/ and how it works.

  • What does Re/ mean and what's the concept behind it?
  • How the analytics work?
  • I have songs on my phone my but Re/ cannot see them
  • How can I teach Re/ my musical preferences?
  • What does the option Predictive Play do?
  • Is it important to have Predictive Play enabled?
  • The predictive learning progress doesn't increase
  • Does Re/ play music from streaming services?
  • The songs seem too repetitive every time I open the app
  • What are the requirements to use the app?
  • Does Re/ mess up with my native iOS library ratings or settings?
  • Some of my songs are never played
  • Is there a today widget or Apple Watch app?
  • I dislike songs, but they still play next time
  • The app takes too long to open when I launch it
  • Is there an Android app?